Our Project – What we’ve done

Learning Management SystemDevelopment of a LMS using the open source Moodle platform integrated with payment gateway
Duration: 2 months (on-time)
Salt Media School
XML gateway for online queryingDevelopment of an XML and Java-based system that can aggregate various data type from different sources and seamlessly combine and present it to users without having the data stored onsite
Duration: 1.5 month (early)
Creative Advance Technology (CAT) – operators of SOTA and Virtual Malaysia
Shariah Knowledgebase and PortalDevelopment of a prototype Shariah knowledgbase using OWL and development of a portal to interface the knowledgebase using JSP
Duration: 3 weeks (early)
Islamic Shariah Research Academy (ISRA)
SOGO Brand AssessmentFocus group and survey conducted to more than 150 users to assess consumers brand perception of SOGO
Duration: 3 months (on-time)
SOGO KL via Trendnexus
Vijayaratnam Foundation website development & Digital MarketingDevelopment of VF new website incorporating social media feeds, richer content, user-friendly layout and donation engine
Duration: 1.5 months (early)
Vijayaratnam Foundation
Rhythm Foundation website developmentDevelopment of RF new website incorporating a more international feel, richer content, user-friendly layout and donation engine
Duration: 1.5 month (on-time)
Rhythm Foundation
NEF Business ReportThe compilation of findings and recommendations based on survey done on 450 Bumiputra ICT companies
Duration: 2 months (on-time)
Indie Music & Charity websiteDevelopment of a commercial website using Open Source Joomla and PHP integrated with payment gateway.
Duration: 2 months (on-time)
Perfect Online and Wishing Wells
Channel-X portal enhancementsEnhancement of Celcom’s channel-x portal using JSP and Java without direct integration with Content Management System.
Duration: 3 weeks (early)
Backend-integration for Channel-X FB and Twitter applicationIntegration of Channel-X, SOX FB and Twitter application with back-end using JSP and PHP
Duration: 3 weeks (on-time)
Draftfcb/ Celcom
Prototype Channel-X desktop widgetDevelopment of a Adobe Air based desktop widget integrated with Channel-X content
Duration:3 weeks (on-time)
iCRM / Celcom
Desktop widget for 1Malaysia Netbook
Development of 2 Adobe Air- based desktop widget with PHP backend integration using REST API
Duration: 3 months (ongoing)
Semantic Recommender
Engine for content recommendation based on semantic matching
Duration: Ongoing
Product Development
iPhone application – MyStationEtc.
Development of an iPhone application with build-in geo tagging capabilities
Duration: Ongoing
Product Development
Delivery Call Centre Management System
Development of a prototype Call Centre Management system using C#
Duration: 2 weeks (on-time)
Epiqure International (Jakarta)
Android application – Travel Recommender
Development of an Android-based mobile application with intelligent Travel recommendation and location-based services
Duration: Ongoing
Product Development
PANAS portal development
Development of a news social network site using Open-Source CodeIgnitor and PHP.
Duration: 1 month (on-time)
NEF Business Directory
Development of a Semantic driven Business Directory for NEF ICT association
Duration: 2 months
Tron Portal development
Development of a transactional portal using PHP and HTML 5
Duration: 3 months
Joota Social Network Site
Development of a new form of social network site based in US but operating from KL
Duration: Ongoing
Joot Ventures Sdn Bhd
Vehicle Semantic Knowledgebase Prototype
Development of a prototype vehicle knowledgebase that enables visualization and semantic search
Duration: 2 months (on-time)
AMDAC Information Management System
Development of a central database system and basic workflow management system to support AMDAC operations
Duration: 3 months (on-time)
New Entrepreneurs Foundation (myNEF.com) website
Development of a PHP/HTML 5-based website/portal for NEF
Duration: 2 weeks
New Entrepreneurs Foundation
Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) Innovation Map (Phase 1 to Phase 3, Inno Map 2.0)
Development of a a semantic knowledgebase used for data mining
Duration: 8 months
KL Pavilion Design Studio website
Development of a PHP/HTML 5-based website/portal and portfolio management system for KL Pavilion Design Studio
Duration: 1 month
KL Pavilion Design Studio
Sistem Pemantauan Pelatih PPSEV PERHEBAT
Development of a monitoring system for tracking PERHEBAT trainees as well as reporting system for management
New Entrepreneurs Foundation Business Directory system
Development of a Semantic, PHP/HTML 5-based business directory for NEF
Duration: 4 months
New Entrepreneurs Foundation